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Hi ! I am new here. Any suggestions my gig

My name is Murat, I am an IT specialist also interested in graphic design from 10 years. I decided to use my abilities for another people.
here is my gig. How am I able to improve my service.


Welcome to Fiverr, Murat.
Try free Fiverr course - it will make many moments about Fiverr much more clear - there is a short lessons about Gigs, which can help.
Also, think about what else you can offer, how you can improve your service, what extras you can add.


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will make you awesome social media cartoon profile photos
In the basic package “profil photos” could be “profile photos”

The URL still stays “profil” instead of “profil” though that can’t be changed without recreating the gig.

best of luck to your goal.

Welcome @bymurat06 to Fiverr.
Your gig looks good. The images are appealing and attractive. You can improve your gig by adding information your gig. The information added in your gig is short and simple. It is better to add information about everything you will do in this gig in a narrative way to make interesting and more appealing. Every buyer reads the gig information to know more about the gig once he likes the photos. So make sure both are appealing.

thanks for your opinion. Buying a course to improve myself is great but first I have to earn with my current knowledge to spend.

Thanks, you are very careful.

No, you don’t have to buy it - it’s a free course :grinning: Fiverr created it especially for beginners. A lot of useful information for a good start here.


Please check here is a lot of tips which make you easy in fiverr.