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Hi i am new here ,help me to growth

i am new here,and this is my gig link

i don’t know how to improve my gig selling!!
you can help me to find job and improve my gig for work as a freelancer.

you can give tips to me
about how can i get my first order on fiverr


Hm… Maybe it will help if you read this?
New Sellers …. The True Way to Success! by lloydsolutions

Good luck with your sales!


thank you dear brother

You’re very welcome!

Welcome to Fiverr forum

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1: Low competition keywords use in your gig
2: Use your keyword in your Title
3: Description Must be the first paragraph 2 times impute your main Keywords and other keywords. total main keyword use description 4 times.
4: Use 5 tag in your service-related keywords
5: Your gig Image Optimize
6: A FAQ including your gig, relevant keyword
8: ADD gallery PDF you gig related word portfolio.