Hi, I am new on fiverr and I am having difficulty in getting orders


Trying to get orders but it’s been nothing since last 2 days.


Hey, sometimes it can be hard to get the first sale!! How much promotion have you done?


You should also consider that it is August and people are usually in vacation. Add tags, good description, good image, improve your title and promote your gigs on your social accounts.


Really? Only two days? It has taken some sellers months for their service to catch on and become successful. Could it be that you have unrealistic expectations?

What are you doing to earn your sales?


it took around 2 weeks for me to get my first order, make sure to send offers to buyer requests. After the first few orders its pretty much smooth sailing, just keep the quality on a decent level.


You might want to keep in mind that for some people it can take MONTHS to get their first order. I noticed that in one of your gigs, you offer business promotion. Why not use your own skill to promote your business? That should be a good start.


Hi Josip, whenever I go to selling->buyer requests there is never anything there. Do you know any tricks or tips to get more of them to show up? Should I expand the area of service in my gigs? Any help would be appreciated!


I wish fiverr had a huge and colorful banner after sellers creating a gig:


Fiverr has recently made a change in how they display these and I’m not sure yet how they work. The list is mostly blank for me also but sometimes a few requests pop up.
Make gigs for all services you can provide.


Thank you kindly for this tip. I will try and make a few more gigs to cover a wider array of categories so that maybe I can find something. Kind of hard to believe their would be zero web development OR WordPress requests but I am very new and perhaps it is location based or some other hidden variable that I’m unaware of and do not match. Will give this approach a try though!