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Hi I am new on fiverr and super excited for my first project any suggestion will be appreciated!

i am new on fiver any suggestion would appreciated!


Improve Gig:

  1. Chose an attractive image for your gig.
  2. Do SEO of your image.
  3. chose strong keywords for your gig search on Fiverr.
  4. Keep promoting your gig on social media. (twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc)
  5. Dot copy the description from other sellers gig.
  6. set the price badge on current market competition.
  7. Create Your gig badge on customer demand.
  8. Make your gig for specific customers who really need your service. then you will get more orders.

Buyer Request Description:

  1. Start with a small greeting.
  2. describe the customer very shortly that How you will complete the project.
  3. during describe the project layout you can write is point by point. (like 1.2.3… etc)
  4. in the end invite to the customer to message you to discuss in detail & showing your work sample.
  5. Also, you can share some work sample & your portfolio during buyer request send,

keep ficus on above tips it will help you.

Best of Luck… :slight_smile:

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welcome here. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :+1:

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Thanks it will be helpful

thnks brother any suggestion?

buyer request did not show? why is that?

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it not showing always. you have to keep check every 20 min. Also, if your all gig in same category then you will get less request. so make sure your all gig in different category…

its been a two weeks on fiver but i did not get a single order