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Hi I am new to fiver it's a great feature can I get immediate support through this?

As I am new to fiver can I get immediate help there and already I am loving fiver hope it ll be a great to have experts suggestions :blue_heart::heartbeat::blue_heart:


I’m Mooch and I’m your virtual emotional support.
I specialize in: platitudes, mock bliss, feelings of fabricated euphoria, self help babble and digital hugs (that’s gonna cost you though).
My advanced faux sympathy system has three levels of emotional comfort: “Basic,” “Standard” and “Tony Robbins.”

Are you ready to get supported hard?
Let’s begin.


Will definitely let you know. Thank you so much brother :blue_heart::blue_heart:

My system reports that you are a beautiful flower…shimmering through the cracks of society’s pavement… beaming with the brilliant glitter of the sun’s golden light… bouncing from your petals like echoes off the halls of an enchanted chamber.

A “Tony Robbins.” Please. Make me feel loved.

You don’t need love. You are love. Your gift is the gift of you…being nearer to us… reaching ever deeper into our soul’s with an understanding of completeness. Lifting us ever higher.
Your only emptiness is the parts of you that you’ve so effortlessly given to the rest of us… like an ever flowing river of selflessness. Formulating some greater consciousness in the intertwined hope that you emit into anything you contact.


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In other words, let “Buyer Requests” be your God for the time being…