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Hi, i am new user of Fiverr. I want to built my career through Fiverr. I am expecting any kind of help from everyone. thanks, Regarded Zobia



Fist of all welcome to Fiverr forum.
Glad to know you will provide lead generation service to buyer…

To get your first order I want to suggest you some of mine personal tips:

  • Optimize your gig properly,Must put buying keyword & secondary keywords in your title.

  • Obviously, put same keyword in the tag section

  • Share your gig on social media

  • Send 10 buyer request daily

  • write blog post about services and put here your related service gig link

  • Stay online most of the time

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Thank you so much :thinking:

Hi and welcome to Fiverr
Try to see about some tips on this forum, I think you can learn a lot from it

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okay , thanks. i will…

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I am also New in fiverr…

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Welcome to fiverr community. Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Carefully Share your gig. Don’t spume.

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Hello Zobia.

Nice to have you on board. Fiverr is a unique marketplace and we all wish you the best here.

Here are some advice to help you get started:

-First of all, take some time to go through Fiverr’s TOS. It pays to be abreast with the rules governing this marketplace if you want to succeed.

-There are lots of helpful resources in this forum to help you out. Scroll through the sections for newbies and sellers to find out more.

-Always deliver quality jobs. It improves your gig and reputation.

-Be prompt, committed and professional when dealing with buyers.

PS: I see you are a content writer. You really need to improve your command of English and writing skills.

You might want to start with that if you’re still bent on offering content writing services.

All the best.

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thank you so much , i will

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