Hi I am new user


Plz help me fiverr team ,I am a member from last 16th may ,from today morning I can’t send any request to duyer.plz solve this, thank you.


It’s because your positive rating is below minimum requirements for sending offers to buyer request. :frowning: No one can help you except you. Help yourself, deliver quality products.


Welcome @prodyut to the world’s largest marketplaces.Ok, let me give you some solution reagarding your issue.

Firstly, how much Buyers Request will show into your “Buyers Request” option is depend on some factors such as what type of gigs you owe, your appropriate category related to your gigs, the demand/the numbers of Buyers for that particular gigs and so on. Sometimes, there shows less than 10 requests in my BR option. But that doesn’t mean you are in a trouble if you have categorised your gigs properly. Please, check the best time a buyer post his/her Request to be done according to your local time. Because most often, after posting a job, a lot of sellers offer their services to the Buyer and they choose them among the sellers and naturally you won’t get the Request any more on the screen.

Another factor that can make you unable to find Buyers Requests is the prime country user(Buyers) of Fiverr have one/two off day. In those days, a buyer normally don’t post any job. So, you can’t get any Requests for two days of off. You have to check out more on the business day.

If you still can’t find any BR after doing all the possible way, you are advised to get in touch with the Customer Support Center. Those awesome team can help you certainly.



Absolutely Right. if you face something you can contact with ccustom support, Became they will always help you.


contact customer support brother :frowning:


I may thank @minahmmas, @ubaidhussain and @sweet2 for trying to help the OP… but I won’t

You all have to read what @n4y33m said and read the ToS before writing, and not misleading the OP with nonsense.

To @prodyut if you want to get again sales, you better move your behind and get clients from outside Fiverr because by being not allowed to offer on Buyers Request equals to be practically out of the game with this profile…