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Hi........ I am Rastika


whoooaaa… I am so happy to join fiverr.
I am new here, so nervous to me while texting my introduction.
I am from Indonesia, but I hope to make a lot friends here.
So I know I am new and stiil no orders come.
just need more practice & never give up.

hey can I get review from you guys? is this style good enough to make a gig?


Hi! Welcome to the forums!


Selamat siang @i_rastika :slight_smile:
Welcome to Fiverr…
By the way, you can check it out, please :slight_smile:


Hello Rastika.
you are most welcome to fiverr fourm.


The image you posted is readily available on the internet, in different variations. I found it several time in a few seconds. If you want to make a gig, you need to come up with something totally original. You can’t just lightly alter things from elsewhere on the net.


If you find it on the internet, it does not mean it’s not genuine or original, probably you found it in its online portfolio, or lots of people share it, so I guess your comment is inappropriate before you have any evidence to assess someone’s design original or not :slight_smile:


The OP asked a direct question, and I answered it to the best of my abilities, based on my opinion. If I had called the OP a name, that would be inappropriate, but I didn’t. I gave an answer based on the question asked. If that is inappropriate, then every answer to every question on the forum in inappropriate if it’s based on opinion.

You seem quite invested in this topic. Do you have an issue with having work evaluated in general, or is this actually another account for the OP?


thank you
I hope can make a lot friends here


I knew The character is not original (cause the character is famous in my country. A fictional character on the folklore ).
so I cant use any reference here?? event just appearance or cloth? or characteristic.
I draw the local heritage character (still exist in my country, some times u can find them dancing at street or carnival with the reog group)
sorry I think its okay to drawing traditional theme and make it as a portfolio.
and sorry I did’t put any sign or watermarks there.
but if some client want me to drawing them face or actor face so I must refuse?? fair? isn’t it?
so before I surf more. I want to know the responds that I get.
Thank you


You can use internet images as inspiration, so that’s not a problem. Since you want to make this into sample work, though, not do it in response to an order - you might try something safer. For example, use the character from your folklore as inspiration, but make enough changes to it that it doesn’t show up in a reverse search. Otherwise, potential buyers might be turned off by thinking that it’s a pure copy, and even if it isn’t, you don’t want them to think it is. Good luck!


please don’t be mad. I am new. and just ask an question.
The character don’t have any copyright. every one can act like bujang ganong or dance like him in festival. cause he is not real, just a part of folklore. I tried to draw him. so I use him as my drawing material.
and before here. I was upload this picture on many site.


You have a beautifull talent wish you succed on it , fascinating art i love it


Hi @i_rastika,

I am not mad at you at all. The post you quoted was not to you, I was responding to @angkasaofficial who seemed to have a problem with the answer I gave you.

The answer to your question is the same - you are entirely allowed to use folklore characters as inspiration. You just don’t want a buyer to think it is a copy. When you use a character as a basis for your art, make enough changes that a buyer doesn’t locate multiple copies on the internet. Good luck!


Even your first answer that indicates you are observing someone’s design.

I have reported it (about your question) to CS, to ask do you deserve to ask about it, on the forum? I am waiting for the CS answer now, to know about it.


Um, yes. Isn’t that what we’re all doing, by virtue of keeping our eyes open and looking at this thread? Are we supposed to look away from the design?

I don’t know if that’s a threat to fonthaunt, but I don’t think it’s an effective one at all. Does CS even deal with forum issues that don’t relate to people opening up more than one account? I seriously doubt it, and I don’t think they’ll appreciate someone wasting their time just because they got really offended that someone was doubting their motives for being hostile in a post.


Yes, you can keep your eyes, and thank you for your help.

Are you answering as CS? If that is an answer, you should be sure of your answer


Hi Somaginer, that’s a good question and since I might be able to help shed light on it for @angkasaofficial, I’ll just respond openly here.

Customer Support usually does not get involved in forum issues, although they can if they wish and some of them do have moderator access. If someone has a problem with moderation, they can accept complaints and report those complaints to the moderator staff liaison. Of course, @angkasaofficial apparently just reported to them that he did not like my response and that has nothing to do with moderation.

As far as I know, Customer Support would refer an issue like that back to the moderation team. I will be happy to ask the other moderators to check this thread and see if I have actually been inappropriate to @angkasaofficial. I am always open to critique, although in this case I don’t really know why this person is upset. Thanks again for your support and your great question.


I’m answering as someone who knows what CS’s function is. To my understanding, they deal with people who break TOS, not forum squabbles where someone is offended by someone else’s answer. From one forum member to another: chill out :sunny:

Thanks for the detailed answer, @fonthaunt! I’ve seen certain threads sealed and apparently reported to CS because someone admitted to going against TOS in some way, but in this case I’m also confused what angkasaofficial is angry about. From what I’ve seen, you raised the question of why he was so invested, and he responded rather strongly. I don’t think it’s an issue worthy of CS’s attention.

  1. There is a post
  2. @fonthaunt commented
  3. I’m commenting
  4. She is angry with my opinion and asks if my account is genuine?
  5. Then I ask if she deserves to ask like that in answering my opinion?
  6. And you @somaginer1996 come without knowing the problem first

  1. She made a comment, you responded with an opinion.
  2. She wasn’t angry with your opinion. You questioned whether her comment was appropriate, and she responded with her justifications and some additional observations about possibilities that might explain why you responded the way you responded.
  3. As an observer, you do seem very invested in OP’s issues, so her observations were not inaccurate.

Also, I appreciate the assumption that I didn’t read through the whole short thread before commenting, to the point that you have to do a bullet point recap for me. I read the thread, so I know “the problem” just as much as you do.

Once again, chill out, dude. It’s not worth the effort you’re putting into it.