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Hi i am really curious that, if I withdraw money from fiver to Paypal, will Paypal charge a fee even fiver don't charge?

Because the PayPal said they will charge 2.9% n a flat fee when receive money, will that apply to money received from Fiverr??


I assume yes, whenever you recieve the money from fiverr a percentage and a fixed fee will be charged, but the fee depends on your country. This is not fiverr’s fees, but paypal’s.

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Owhh okay Thanks. But did you have attempt it before?

payoneer is good option for this

How say? could you explain further?

SIgn in to Payoneer which is better than paypal in case of exchange rates

Payoneer has two options, you can either use the fiverr revenue card, or do a bank transfer. To do a bank transfer, minimum withdrawal amount is $20 and a $3 fee is charged for the transaction.
Fiverr revenue card is another option, but it’s only good if you earn in large amounts.

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No, not yet, but I am about to. I didn’t try it yet because I am a new seller and my earnings are still pending.