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Hi! I am really upset 😴😪

I am in fiver around 60 dayz but i did not get any order. Where is my problem and how?? can i improved i can’t understan. Please help me to out this problem :expressionless::thinking:
I want very profitability tips…

Thank you


Hello, There are lots of seller with 0 orders. You have to think differently from them to getting order from the fiverr.

First: bid daily on 10 buyer request you think you can do that work.
2nd: Try to improve your gigs.
3rd: Share your gig on the social media.

When you do this you will see the different.


don’t upset bro… I am a new seller but I patience online… :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :mask:

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Hi brother! Please, don’t upset. Same positions . But i am not upset . Good wishes to you. :heart_eyes: :gift_heart: :gift_heart:


@nac_designer244 keep claim & try to active online!

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Thanks A lot for this one
I am doing this way but…

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Thank you brother but nothing to do at this time
You know what are the position in the world

Yeah i am doing this way but afterthat result zero

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Hey brother!
Don’t be upset.I can suggest you some point.

  1. You can delete your gig and re upload it.
  2. You can study regards of your gig title.
  3. Please bring some change in tag & keyword…
    Best wishes for you
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  • Create 7 different gigs, not just one. I did that and one of my gigs has really hit off well! The others are not doing well.

  • You may have too many competitors, you need to give a unique service. I created 7 gigs and only one has taken off and done well. I have not got one order from some of my gigs.

  • Upload a very good video of your services. This will go in place of your gig picture. Display your designs in that video.

  • Look constantly on buyer request and act fast with offering your services.

The other seller have also given very good advice above!

I hope you are successful!


Hello brother! Please, don’t upset.

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Try to share your gigs to your own social channel and complete 10 bids everyday ( important ).
I hope you will get job very soon

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First thing you must keep into your mind, patience is the Rule #1 in freelancing marketplace.
Professional Conversation (grammatically correct) is the Rule #2.
Look your question as a buyer, this will not attract you for sure.

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never be disappointed !
there is no end of hardworking.
me also a new seller.


Hello brother
In fiverr the hardest part is to get the first order. Wait for your moment. Don’t quite.

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wow nice tips but if i am delete gig fiver will help me to rank

Thanks for your complement

Yeah i will be waiting for this one thank you

okay Thank you so much for this complement

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Yeah i create 5 different kind of gigs. okay i will be create more 2 gigs
Thanks for you valuable suggest.