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Hi, i did'nt get paid full after order is completed!

so after this order of 10$ was completed, buyer completed the order with 10$ tips.
so on order completion.this is what i see :anguished:

its says “earned 8$” but it should be 16$ right? :anguished:
is this a bug or fiverr did’nt cut from tips?
please let me know :roll_eyes:

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Congrats on your tip! Always a nice surprise there at the end.

Regarding your question, I’m no 100% sure about this but I believe that the Fiverr doesn’t take a percentage of the tips. So, in case you don’t already know, Fiverr takes 20 percent of each order, meaning 1 dollar for every 5 dollars. Since the order is initially 10 dollars it comes down to 8. As for the tip I believe (again not 100% sure) nothing is deducted from it, meaning you should receive 18 not 16.

My recommendation is to check your earnings tab, and if it’s still confusing I highly recommend getting in touch with the support team at Fiverr, they’ve been extremely helpful but take about 1-2 days to respond

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your response!
i have checked the earnings tab. its 8$ there also.
i know a rule of fiverr they cut from tips to avoid people from taking their order money in tips to avoid getting charged by fiverr.
thats why fiverr added the rule!
if you see here you will understand that they cuts from the tips.

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i just noticed on the earnings tab instead of one fiverr added 2 clearance of 8$ total 16$ on one order.
sorry for the confusion.
Thanks a lot for you time! :slight_smile:
Have a Great Day!

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Hi Arif,
Congrats on your completion of order and receiving the Tip on it. As for the tip I know, Fiverr cuts 1$ from every 5$ whether it is our due payment or the tip. I myself once got the tip and I saw the deduction. Now both your actual amount and tip will be shown separately on your income page.
Hope it helps.