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HI, i have created new account

hi, this is my new account how can i get orders. i’ll do email collection please visit my profile and suggest me. i need orders

thank you all.


This is a bad idea for a service, since you are “collecting emails” without the permission of those who own the email addresses. Collecting emails without permission, and then selling them is related to spam. Please don’t do that. It could get you into serious trouble.

What other kinds of legitimate services do you think you could provide?


but i’m collecting email addresses from google.

i can do data entry, designing book cover, business card, you tube thumbnails and collecting lead generation

It doesn’t matter where you’re getting the emails, if you’re collecting them without permission, that is wrong and inappropriate. Email harvesting “from Google” is just another part of propagating spam.

okay thank you for your information

Good luck on getting disabled account.

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