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Hi, i have lots of gig views and clicks, but nobody order , why?

Hi, i made a gig, and i get lots of views, and clicks, i added extras, packages, faq and a lot of details, but nobody order the gig, why is that?


Stay 24/7 hour online and send offer. I hope you are success :slight_smile:

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I sent 7 offers, but i got no answer…

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Mind power will catch up with the minimum of one month :slight_smile:

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Your poor rating won’t help unfortunately, but also there are contradictions in your descriptions.
Your profile says 1 to 3 hours. Your basic gig delivery time is 3 days. Change this to 24 hours.
Change the spelling of ‘beginner’.
Make more gigs. Think of other related things you can do, maybe in different sub-categories so that you can see more buyer requests.
If you can’t make buyer requests because of your low rating, have a word with CS and see if they can do anything for that.
Don’t be tempted to take on work you can’t do or isn’t your gig as it will result in a bad review as you can see. A bad review has a lasting effect on your account.
Change your tags. Use ‘guitar tabs’ at least. Use ‘guitar pro’ instead of just ‘pro’.
Change your primary image. Type guitar pro into the search and the images that come up are engaging but yours doesn’t show up well.

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change the price.As a new seller Try to give services at a low price.

thanks guys, but i will can order something, with the 63% rating?

thanks, but the price start at $5, fiverr dont allow smaller than that, i already put the price at $5

try to make strong portfolio and attractive gig
and also try to online and make offer as soon as possible on new request. it will increase 80% awarding the project
good luck :slight_smile:

thanks, but i have 63% rating, and i cant send offers

it is compulsory to you have 90% rating for sending offers
i think you have low rating then 90%.

yeah, i have 63%, so what i can do ?

i really don’t have any idea about this. but i think you should try again

What happened? Why did 2nd seller give you such poor rating?

Only option is for you to contact CS, cancel current account and start another one. Your rating is too low, nobody will buy from you unless you start fresh.

the first one ordered the gig for a tab, the second one requested work which is not in the gig, he want to record a solo, i recorded it, and i did good work, he say that is good, but rated bad, ok, after i withdraw my money, i will start again, if i cant do nothing

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stay online more and recheck your gig offers if your a starter the try lowering prices to grab some orders and ratings and after a while change back the prices to normal :slight_smile: . I hope that tip will help you.

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