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Hi. I just Posted my First gig

Hi all. Please check out my first gig, and suggest how it could be improved. Thanks.


If anyone wants a gig offering that, it looks okay. It may just be a matter of supply vs demand.


You have a gig. Now you need to find your customers.

Thanks for taking your time to reply.

Thanks. I hope people find interest in my gig.

Are you taking the time to reach out to those people who might “find interest in your gig”? If you’re not doing this, how can they find interest? They’re not going to find interest in something that they don’t know about. :wink:

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@jonbass how to reach the audience for getting work

Well, who is your target audience? And where can you find that audience? Figure out your answer to these two questions, and you’ll know how you need to reach out in order to connect with that audience.


Your gig description is kind of vague. What does “manifest anything” even mean? Are there limits to it? How does it work? Can you manifest physical items, or is it for wishes only?

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Hi. It means you can manifest just about anything you want.

According to the dictionary, the word “manifest” (as a verb) means: “to display or show by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.” So, what kind of demonstration does your service offer?

I would hope it complies with the laws of physics, because it is physically impossible to make “anything you want” appear out of thin air. :roll_eyes:

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Can it manifest a Ferrari for me?

This is a genuine question.


So, the crystal (shown in the pic) is what ties this gig together. I’m guessing it has magical powers?

This Crystal is not Your Friend. This Crystal is not your Master. This Crystal is not your Slave.
You Simply Ask. This Crystal Simply Gives.

What happens if the Buyer’s wish(es) doesn’t come to fruition?

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I think you need to manifest prosperity in your life before offering this service…

It means, you can make any wish become a reality. I checked the dictionary too, before I wrote the description. But somehow I thought, what iam trying to convey is actually conveyed, when I say manifest.

Yes. I really don’t know how the payment system works in fiverr. I will not even cash in your 5 dollar payment. If a Ferrari doesn’t come into your life, I’ll pay back the money to you.

I am prosperous. I am not not doing this for money. Perhaps you didn’t read the description and pricing right. I am truly trying to share the magic. But it does require a ,“Dakshanai”.

Yes, this crystal has magical powers. I don’t know what happens if the wish is not fulfilled. If it’s the money you are asking about, then that I can refund. But the thing is, if the wish is fulfilled, then a fair, “Dakshanai” is to be made. Imagine this. Somebody’s got a disease . They wish to get the disease cured and this crystal magically cures it, almost instantaneously. What was this cure worth to them ? That has to be given as,“Dakshanai”.

So, this is not how Fiverr works. If someone buys your gig with 1 day delivery and wishes for a Ferrari, that would have to “manifest” within 1 day as you say you can deliver by then. You’d have to refund pretty much immediately every time someone asks for a 1 day Ferrari or to be sent to another planet or to find a billion dollars in their bank account. I think your business model might not work. The longest delivery time you can have is 29 days, so even if you change your delivery time to that, you’re going to have to manifest every wish in that amount of time. If you cancel repeatedly, you won’t ever be able to maintain an account.

If you just want to share this magic for free, you might need to do that on a forum somewhere instead of on an e-commerce site.


Hmmmmm, it’s an interesting gig.