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Hi! I just started selling my work in fiverr!

Hi everyone! I’m Kate, I’m a student of Graphic Design (almost graduated) and I decided this year to sell my digital drawings so I can keep working doing what I love to do.

I will appreciate if you check my gig and tell me anything that you considere helpful to grow my account :slight_smile:

Here it’s the link of my account: isafantasydream | Illustration | Fiverr

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


I gave it a quick look.

For a newbie here, you did a pretty good job with your Gig.

I would try to add more Gigs to your profile to sort of open the field of potential Buyers up a bit.

I also want to say that in the past two weeks I have seen several new Sellers here announcing that they are offering graphic design, so expect some hefty competition.

That being said, your pricing structure is fair, your delivery timelines are fair and the extras you include all make sense.

The samples you have posted are quite impressive and I hope you do well.

Good luck.


Thank you so much! I have one friend on this website and that helped me a lot while doing the account.

I have figured out that there’s a lot of graphic designers on here but I still have to figure out what would be the best path to follow.

With that being said, thanks again!

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I have moved this to Improve My Gig so that you can add your Fiverr link to your original post as that is allowed in this category.


Your work looks good , prices are fair but I personally feel that delivery time for Premium one is too long !
If I were you, I set it 3-5-7 !

May be add more detail to gig description or FAQ ? What size the art would be and if its printable or not ? What would be the source file ? how can buyer get source ?

PS : I personally like the 2nd image where you showed up real image and your illustration !
If I were buyer I would prefer to see more images like that


Honestly I’m still on the university and I don’t have much time as I want, so I prefered to put some realistic delivery times for now :sweat_smile:

Anyway I haven’t thought of all that questions, I will try to add more so everything it’s more completed. Thanks!


Your images contain off Fiverr contact details which show your IG account if searched.

Suggest you remove these details as sharing off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll right down to the bottom.


Oh, I just let them as a watermark but I haven’t thought of that. I guess I will have to upload everything again. Thanks for clarifying this detail.

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Excellent gig a few points i must say.

  1. The title needs to contain a few long tail keywords as well, meaning imagine your service then imagine what will your potential buyer search to find your gig. A tip is to make a search for your main keyword and check the suggestions provided by fiverr. Secondly search youe category and see the titles of your competitors. Get some inspiration from them.
  2. The description is a bit on the shorter side. I would encourage you to add a little bit more to it. I made a post about writing descriptions you can have a look at them or search description in the tips for sellers section in the fiverr forum and you will find a lot of posts there.
  3. Add some more FAQs think of them as a method of clarifying common doubts that might come in minds of your potential buyers. And address them.
    I hope these help
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One more thing, the search tags or the keywords. They need to be changed. Let me explain.
These tags aid in your Gig SEO, so for example if you place ‘original’ in there as a search tag you wont find much targeted traffic to your gig that are interested in buying your service, any one searching for the word original would find your gig, even if they wanted to search original gaming art e.g.
now the same principle applies here as i explained above. Use those tags that you feel would aid your potential buyers to find you easily. Make them a combination of long tail(3 words) medium and short tail ones.
Try to target less competitive keywords/search tags.
I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any question please feel to reply to this comment.

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I guess I will spend the full night working on all those changes, thanks for your help!

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your gig is nice bro… go ahead…best of luck

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your gig is adorable, be active on fiverr forum .best wishes for you ,go ahead man.

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Welcome to the community. Digital art is a demanding service on the rise. I hope you get success asap. Do the gig research properly. Finger crossed.

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