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Hi,I mistakenly applied for Fiverr pro

Hi,I mistakenly applied for Fiverr pro but i recently realised that becoming a fiverr pro means less jobs.Who will place a order for more than 500-1000 $ when he/she can get same services from a level 2 or top seller for less price ? I have seen many fiverr pro gigs with 0 orders in queue.

Can any top seller advice me what should i do ? I already messaged customer support that i am taking my decision back i don’t want to be a fiverr pro.

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Have a look around the forum and see how many people have applied, and not been accepted. There are one or two who have been successful, but not many.

I think you’ll be safe! :slight_smile:


Yea,I am praying now that they don’t select me.

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There is an election for the President’s job in India. I mistakenly applied for it, which I regret now because if I become the President of India, I won’t have time for Fiverr. I really, sincerely hope and pray that I don’t get selected for the President’s job. Fingers crossed. :confused:

[President’s job in India is a lot of fun actually, cut ribbons, live in a palace, etc. just like that of the Queen of England.]


You forgot to mention taking bribes, as politicians in countries like yours and mine are the largest bribe takers. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont think so. He is trapped now. :space_invader:

I think you should really start brainstorming ideas about your PRO gig by now. They will soon contact you for that and you will panic if you aren’t prepared before it.
Good Luck as you need it badly. :four_leaf_clover:

Umm I think you’re safe Rizi. Don’t worry about it.

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everything is ok…Fiverr Pro are for those who Fiverr sees as PRO :laughing:

hahahah - There is option for take back your nomination of President of India and at fiverr all Selections team are president :wink: :blush:

Don’t worry - you’ll not ******* by them…either you can be a any country president by luckily s :wink: