Hi! I need a little help


I’m trying to pay off my student loans and car payment, and Im hoping to use this as a secondary income. But I have no real idea how to use it. Would anyone be willing to offer me any tips, or look at my gigs to see if I’m doing it completely wrong? I just don’t know how to get my gigs viewed. You look at mine and I’ll look at yours! :wink:



First of all you need to offer gigs that people are buying. See what your skills are if you are good at writing and stuff like that and make some gigs. Send out requests to buyers and keep doing that even if you do not get offers so more people will visit your page. Make few more gigs on more trending fields.



Thank you! I just want real tips to do the best I can, even if its only a few dollars here or there.


Start with gigs and make some gigs for trending jobs like article writing and so on


Your gig description is tooo shoort, add more text, list what you offer (LIST), what you require from the buyer, staff like that…