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Hi i need guidence to stay motivated lately i have been very disappointed

some thing very heart breaking happened to me yesterday i was just about get an order and somehow the person is showung it would not recieve any more messages


If they did not give any information on their order, simply ask them to elaborate.


There is nothing to be disappointed about. Clients come and clients go. You can not get disappointed about every small thing in a freelancing world. Freelancing is tough and you need to be ready for this things to happen.


thank you so much i guess is it just one off those day where i need to pick myself up and go

If that’s heartbreaking to you, how do you feel when something truly serious happens? You get a nervous breakdown and end up in a hospital?


no acctually the notification is from fiver
that the particular person is not accepting order and your response rate wont be effected my this

yeah i guess i need to stop being a baby and concentrate on improving my voice and guitar skills

Sounds like the buyer who contacted you got their account banned. Maybe they were sending spam messages are scamming people on fiverr and got caught. In the long run you probably dodged a bullet.

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Then You don't have to worry!

Hey bud, I can completly understand where you’re coming from! It is tough, but you can do it. I just joined as a “seller” and I don’t expect to get gigs right off the bat, and that’s ok. I don’t believe you should look at Fiverr as a single-source revenue system, but instead, an additional revenue stream in your diversified income provider. Trust me, there are waaaay worse situations to be in. The main aspect to keep in mind is that you’ve put yourself out there, and that’s the first step. Make sure you’re taking advantage of as many possible opportunities as possible outside of fiverr. Local theatre productions are a great source of income for musicians, and they really help build relationships with musicians that will help you get additional gigs. Publishing is another great avenue for musicians to bring in monetary value. If you’re looking to get better at guitar and singing, I’d be happy to offer a free lesson and just see if I can help. Check out my profile and shoot me a message if you’d like to set something up. Keep pushing brother! It’s not always easy, but you’re in control of how you respond to a crappy situation!