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Hi, i need help with a Scammer, (a really big one TOP RATED SCAMMER)


this Person (male or female, i dont now, its a TOP RATED USER) in the fivver account of my brother he talk a lot about contracting, blah blah blah…

This person asked my brother for a demo, I assure him that he would contract it but I wanted to listen to at least 30 seconds of song, my brother without experience did it, and the man disappeared.

Then he wrote again, same person, my brother asked what had happened and he gave excuses, then all right up there. At that time the man began to ask impossible things to my brother, I call it mediocre and I try to dissuade him by saying that since he was new he would never get clients if he could not give more than what he offered…

After a while we got that now, in my account, this man appears, and begins to ask and ask for things … to which I say yes, I ask you to read my GIG and understand that I am a singer, and I do not do instrumentals, but he insists that any instrumental of some famous person serves him, since I do musical Covers accept … i send the offer …

to my surprise, the man asked me to remove all the extras, to create a Basic Offer, but nothing advanced, since “that song is his, are his rights, he is my owner and I have no right as a vocalist”. … although it causes me some laughter, I told him that it was fine, because really the song did not interest me, only the money for my family…

then, I create the new offer, without details, only words that he asks to write (he constantly stressed that I do not have rights over the results, I do not understand why he repeated it) …

I make the new new new new offer, he accepts and the problems begin …

I sent him an instrumental track that i developed some time ago (I have many original samples for personal use for those who pay to obtain)

to what the man began to complain, to say that it was garbage, that wanting something like that would have looked on youtube (I laugh because I am Youtuber) … and after so much insult “I denounce in fiverr” xD … yes, denounced, but the people of fiverr e said that “first, he specified that he did not want details or extras in the offer and secondly, I DO NOT READ MY GIG” where I specify in multiple occasions that I am a singer and writer, I compose instrumentals.

now this man is asking me “please” to cancel the offer (which I want to do since he said rudeness), because fiverr lock 40$ from him, but I’m afraid that he will make a bad review to me, this situation is very unpleasant, help.

note: I realized seeing his profile that this thing he sent me to do is not for him, it is for a client that had already offered him, because I got details of the letter in one of his old GIG in the portfolio …

this means that this user is Sub hiring users, which I find very unpleasant, since talented people like my brother or me, we lose opportunity with a moron who only resells and mistreats musicians and artists.

Can this activity be reported? What I can do?


Just cancel the order and move on. He can’t leave a review if you cancel.


I agree. Just move on


Done, i cancel the offer :slight_smile: ty so much… this guy its so repelent x.x…


If you did the work you can ask for a partial refund from Fiverr support, you agree with the buyer in an amount of money to keep and refund the rest by making a custom offer, he won’t have the rights to use your work and you can keep the money agreed on for the work and time you spent.


I can’t even understand what happened here


I’m not so sure you dealt with someone attempting to scam anyone. It may have been communication issues. I can’t really follow your post but I think it’s good that you canceled it.