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Hi! I need some help


I have been using fiverr sen Jul 2017. I havent got any orders sence then, so I was wondering if someone could help me out with placing 1 order so I can get a start once for all.


Your problem is not that you need someone to artificially start you off, you need to figure out why people who sell the same services as you are successful and you are not.

What have you done to promote your gig?


I looked at your profile page. You have spelling errors in your wording. Besides that, your fluency is not good. If people are looking to have you translate from Swedish to English they will not trust you because your gigs show you are not accurate in writing in English. So look over your profile and gigs and make them. Also go to Buyer Requests to look for jobs.


I want to say what @vickiespencer has said. Nothing new.



Bro just look over your gig and your profile give a quality to your gigs.So that buyers will come to you.
thank You :slight_smile: