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Hi,i need some help

HI, I am a new seller on fever, I started 2 weeks ago but I only had one order, I tried sending offers on the buyer request I have sent 67 offers but no one contacts me even to ask for work samples(i think it’s hard to trust new sellers ).i just want if someone is willing to visit my gigs and tell me if I did anything wrong, needs improvement.also do you recommend that I can copy and past same request or should I write a request from the beginning.


I didn’t looked at your gigs.
But here’s are some suggestions I would like to offer according to your suggestions:
:diamonds:Make sure that you write the buyer request without any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes. You can use any Chrome extension for that.
:diamonds:Unlike others, I’d say it’s better to create a template with blanks in those places which are subject to change like for a writer it could be the no. of words
:diamonds:The first two lines are only visible on your buyer request that you send from the buyers end. So, you need to write something within the first 2 lines that assures that you’ve read the whole request.
:diamonds:If the name of the customer is named on the buyer request, then you can add like dear MR x.
:diamonds: Mention as much as you can about the detail about and the order.
You can do it by adding the specific genre name which the person has shared in the description and keep on doing this because to keep the seller attracted while reading your description is only done by this way.

So, keep a template or rather an unready template which you edit step by step. Do it carefully, it’s not necessary to reply to the request fast what you should do is reply more carefully.

Hope you find this helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:


@ankanghosh955 thank you a lot ,you really did say very helpful comments.
i just want to ask when sending a request should I add my gig link. since most of the request, people ask for samples of previous work and there is no option to app an image when sending a an offer.

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It’s not necessary. If buyer wants samples and is really interested in working with a newbie then he/she will contact you write this in the request after the first paragraph:

If you want to change the no. of words or keywords please contact or have any doubts, contact me because there is a maximum limit of 1500 chars here!

I’ve written the no. of words and keywords as I’m a blog writer. Depending upon what are subject to change in it place it over there.

And in before the last paragraph write this:
You have some queries I, guess… I, too, have some queries(after all we’re human). So, let’s take them out in the chat.

If you have any queries, shout out loud in the chat! I too have one which I guess, we will get rid of in the chat!

Write what you are providing in bulletpoints by using Alt+any number just see how many patterns you get. To create a point effect.


Its so much helpful for us, thanks for the tips. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh! I just visited your gig. And sorry to say that you will not get any orders because you are not giving everything in the basic package.

There are many other people like you and they are somewhat doing the same thing as you.
And me myself is learning to make logos in Inkscape and I don’t think that 1 is enough for a person to be satisfied.

You should create at least 3
1st will be the primary logo
2nd will be the secondary logo
3rd will be the favicon


@ankanghosh955 , thank you a lot for your comments they are extremely helpful. Especially the writing tips since English is not my first language i some times face some problem with expressing my self. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The pleasure is mine.:blush:

Btw english is not my language.

There are some spellings and grammar in the ps gig which should be changed. Although, you can get sales with that because in ps english doesn’t matters but you should get it written by a friend or tell me if you want.

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okay,I will recheck it. :smiley: thank you

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