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Hi i need some help

Hi, I am a new seller I got a bad rating from a customer because of miss-communication. and I can’t offer any in the buyer request category, nor do I know how can I report him for his behavior, and since I am a new seller I only got jobs from the requests.


you can not do anything, without waiting for another 60 days. feeling bad for you.


If she got very bad rating then she will wait for 60 days, otherwise it will be okay,

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So you know that you got low ratings because of miscommunication, it means you accept your fault
and you deserve that low ratings right ?

Now similarly buyer felt it’s justified to rate you low and its his choice, he is entitled to do so !

If you want to report buyer for rating you low, you can’t !
Its not behavior that can be reported…its his right !


You can share your gig on social media.
And of course you have to wait for 60 days.

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I got 3 stars .my overall stars became do I have to Waite?

oh no. I wanted to report him from the beginning .He asked for extra work became extremely rude ,even though i did tell him to cancel the offer and he didn’t want to.
yes their was a miscommunication but we both cased that ,i am not saying I was not mistaken .

In this case you can report that particular messages of him where he is threatening you.,
In your inbox when you hover your mouse cursor on buyer’s user name you will see Report option of right side with flag icon !

@surajrenuka okay. Thank you a lot for your help :grinning:

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feeling bad for you.please wait for 60 days.

keep patience. Please wait for 60 days.

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This is the 5th time this has been repeated!