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Hi, i started a few days ago photoediting

Do you need edited photos?


What kind of editing are you trying to do?
You posted in improve my gif… do you have a link to your profile?

Just started photo editing a few days ago? Or you created your profile a few days ago.

Trying giving us a little more info, so we can reply with answers.

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@killedbybunny0 There’s not enough information in your post. Share a little more about what you’re trying to say.

Welcome to the Fiverr forum.
I checked your profile. your join our community just 6 hours ago. spend some time knowing or learning about Fiverr. and share your gig on social media like Facebook, Instagram.

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I started photo editing 2 days ago in app named GIMP.

I need help with account stats (earnings, impressions…)

Is this good for first time?

Don’t offer a service you don’t already know how to do.

So, i made a topic to get some help.

Watch the video in the thread I just shared.

Fiverr Terms of Service:


That’s not great for convincing a potential client concerning your motivations.

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Yes You can only Help Post on fiverr forum
Don’t do any sell post here.

Why do you have a profile on gamehag and you don’t have a seller profile on fiverr? :wink: