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Hi I want your suggestions

I need your suggestions and evaluations.



Please see:

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Thanks a lot for suggesting @imagination7413

Hi, it is a great gig idea (‘write your own story’ gig) but your English is not good enough to write stories in English–there are many errors in your gig description.

However, why not amend the gig title to add, ‘in Urdu’–because a) that will make it a specialist offering so makes better use of keywords, and b) it will allow you to work to a perfect standard if Urdu is your native language.

Otherwise, pair with a copy editor to remove errors from your finished English work. There are many good editors on Fiverr who are starting out and will be able to read short works for a reasonable fee–ensure you add their fee to your gig price!

Nice gig. :slight_smile:


WAWO Thank you its a great idea to write in urdu.

Thanks a lot.

Yeah, I agree with Annie. If you’re at a skill level that believes “wordings” is an actual word in English, you should not be offering to write stories in English. Maybe you’re an amazing author in Urdu (wouldn’t know, as I’m unfamiliar with your language), but you are definitely not ready to write in English, let alone sell your services in doing so.


WAWO Thank you its a great idea to write in Urdu, But are there the buyer for the Urdu language on Fiverr?

Thanks a lot.

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There likely isn’t. Fiverr does offer some translation services, but you need to have a solid grasp of both languages to do that. It’s largely an English-speaking site in terms of general (non-translation) buyers, as evidenced by the English-only forums.

@thatwordchick Yes Mame My English isn’t good as I didn’t do the English language course nor I had sources to participate in any online English course free, whatever I learned it all was from YT. And I am still trying to improve it, and all of your suggestions help me and courage me to know more about the language and narrative style.
Even I am too bad in pronunciations. by the grace of GOD will take over on this weakness soon. Ameen

Maybe find some interesting niche that doesn’t require extensive english knowledge. What can you do ? Then make gig around that.

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I am good in PPT presentation but there are bundles of the seller for this niche :cry:

If your PPT work has or requires any text overlay, your gig is going to send any potential buyers running the other way.

Most of the “easy” - read: quick to learn, relatively fast to do - work on this site is going to have a lot of sellers already working on it. That’s the nature of the marketplace. Your choices are either to get better at what you’re already doing, or find something that buyers want but doesn’t have a lot of sellers yet. A dedicated work ethic, attention to detail(s), and willingness to research is going to be your best path to making money on this site.


Evey niches, categories has thousands of sellers, not kidding. My niche has thousands of sellers too. But still managed to get some orders. Start with BR , be good at what you do.

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I believe you will find buyers who will buy stories in Urdu–and that a generalist gig (in English) will not be noticed because there are so many sellers in this segment, but the word Urdu will bring buyers who want specifically this and who cannot find it from other sellers. Better to have 3 buyers of Urdu than for 3,000 English buyers to fail to notice your gig at all! :slight_smile:

I do get clients here whose work has been translated from Urdu, and who now need an editor–and some of these are short stories. The Urdu-speaking buyers are definitely here.


@thatwordchick @anniejenkinson It’s really grateful to meet helping hands like you people on this platform, Now I am working on Updating my gigs description and also have specified first on for the Urdu language.

Thank You So much :slight_smile: