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Hi i wanted to show you my gigs

Hi im a music producer and voiceover i have done this for many years and I am hoping to get some more sales as I just started on this website and would love to spread my experience to other people

Make your music beat by Bjornvb (
Voiceover whatever you want me to do by Bjornvb (

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How you managed to make a sale with that hiss in the background of your VO demo amazes me.

Don’t give me the “my delivery audio is better” as frankly, the buyers deserve your best audio in your demo, not that as it’s well below the standard anyone with working ears would accept.

Windows open? It just comes across as lazy; slack and unprofessional.

Is that buyer a friend or freelancer who leaves reviews for a living?

They’ve a very fresh profile, and unless they’re deaf, I don’t see any justification how that could be a genuine sale.

i have a lot of experience doing voiceovers

Sorry but you need to hear some honest critique:

It doesn’t show in your demo.

Where’s your mic technique?

Were your acoustics engineered by a family pet?

Is your microphone a potato?

Where’s the delivery, the performance? No offence, but you don’t even play yourself convincingly enough to get a real booking.

Where’s the production?

Where did you get the experience which told you putting no effort into your demo would win hearts, minds and repeat buyers?

rather then having an engaged audience?

Should be “rather than”.

But really, have a word with yourself about that demo, it’s terrible and I mean that in the most constructive manner possible.

This is why people say “get a coach”, “get training”, and “get a pro to produce your demo”. It’s for a very good reason, if you don’t, you’re gonna suck and it’s gonna show.

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