Hi. I'm a begginer and I need some help :)


I’m new here…I would like to meet new people and promote my gig. Any help is welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Sandra.

As for the forum, you may promote your gig in the category linked below, also, of course, you can promote your gig in whatever social media you use and such, if you click the search icon up right and type in a few keyterms for that, you should find a lot of posts about that, too. :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you @miiila <3


For five dollars I will stand downtown and wear a sign that reads, “Sandra Poslovski’s gigs are the best!”

Just kidding.

But for ten…


@damooch916 lol :joy:


Am a beginner and will like to offer services. …please how do I go about it


@sandraposlovski Welcome to fiverr world.


thanks :slight_smile: can you give me some advice how can I find buyers more easily?


What Miiila said in her post is all you need to know and need to do.
Remember, there is no “easy” way! There might be somewhat faster/smarter ways, but I don’t think “easy” exists…


you should stay with the fiverr. i think you will feel amazing with the time. we are here to help you ! so will keep up the work !


@zeus777 thank you :slight_smile:


@holta_graphic thanks :slight_smile: I hope I’ll have a positive experience here :slight_smile:


yes you will have good experiences take the time don’t be hurry that is my advice for you !


@holta_graphic thanks so much for the advice :slight_smile: