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Hi ! I'm a new family on Fiverr

Greetings from Indonesia, my name is Aldi Aulia, looking forward to work with client (buyer), I used to do work in the field of graphic & motion graphic design. So this is my first gigs! please kindly check

I hope we can collaborate and making some great stuff!

Warm Regards


You joined Fiverr long back! It’s showing August 2013, but the sad thing is you didn’t won any clients! Were you proactive on your account? I mean I may just suggest you to be online and try to work on making or editing new/existing gigs!

Best Regards

Thats great would love to hear more from you in future.

Yep, I’m Almost forgot that I have Fiverr account and I dont remember when I create this account, smh :laughing: ,because last week my friend suggest me to using Fiverr, I try to sign up with this mail account, and it said, mail-name is already use and then try to login, and then it works :laughing:, so I complete my information on Fiverr and also gigs, yesterday… and also thank you for your advise, this time I will monitoring my Fiverr account :smiley:

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Thank you, mate. God Bless you :grinning:

Welcome to the Fiverr forum. :bouquet: :bouquet:

I hope this topic help for you. :smiley:

@aldyaulia welcome & best wishes for you

@aldyaulia Welcome to the best marketplace in the world.

Welcome to the community.

@aldyaulia Welcome to the fiverr marketplace.

Welcome to the fiverr.

Best Wishes ahead! Please do let us (All of us at Forum) whenever you need any help!

Thank you @joelsmith2002, GBU :slight_smile:

Thank you @fahim_shahriar ,GBU :slight_smile:

Thank you @memaker, good luck to all of us. I Will post the topic if I had a problem. GBU :wink:


Welcome to fiverr forum…

Welcome and best wishes to you :blush:

Thank you @only_miraz, Have a nice day :smiley:

Thank you @mdsaiful002 , best wishes to you too :wink: