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Hi i'm a new fiverr designer

Yo i’m new in fiverr as a seller and a designer; i design logos, banners, thumbnails.
this my gig:

ty :slight_smile:


Hey! Welcome to the forum man:)

thanks partner appreciate it

Welcome to fiverr forum.Best of luck.

thanks sister appreciate it

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Hi Paweł !!

You finally joined Fiverr. I though you are still in Poland.

Hope you have great experience here.

who’s Pawel hahaha
anyway thanks girl appreciate it

Who’s Pawel?!?

Paweł Wiśniewski is famous designer from Poland and you are using HIS logos in your GIG portfolio.

Tell me something.

Do you really think only fools and horses are on Fiverr?

Not even one single REAL designer is here?

And let’s say has been in business for over 14 years and knows logos from other designers and is capable of recognizing their work?

Welcome to our community. best of luck to you :grinning: