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Hi. I'm a new member for fiverr. I need your suggestions for increase my gig


I’m experienced flyer and poster designer. But I’m a new member for fiverr. so can anyone help me for make my gig better? hope your help. This is my gig link.

So send me you suggestions. What should changes I need? Thanks.


If you are offering amazing designs, I strongly suggest you to use original images, not taking
an existing image and removing the woman in the center.


Thanks a lot for your comment. How can I promote my gig? Best way to promote?


All the answers you need is on the forum. There are tons of posts here asking the same question. Also, it seems like you did not follow my previous advice. Use you OWN images, not some free template image.


Thanks a lot for your advise.


Promote your Gigs on your Facebook and Twitter Accounts it really helps… but make sure on your Account… Do not spam it !!!


Thanks for your advise!! It really helps…


i have promote my gig, blog comments, social share, web 2.0 submit, directory submit, bookmark etc.