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Hi.. I'm a new member to this big platform

Hello… I’m a new member to this big platform and I am excited to be here.


Welcome to the Fiverr community


Welocem to fiverr community . best of luck .


For doing better you need to be

  1. 24/7 in active
    2.Social media marketing
  2. Put up keywords in your gig tag and description
  3. Need to read Blog to build up your skill
  4. Every day sent buyer request and try to convene them
  5. Try to do best services

Thank you Sir, for your support…


Thank you Ma’am for this helpful words…

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What do you mean by ‘Daily Send buyer request’? Is it ‘send buyer request’ or send offers to buyers’ requests? Please clarify…

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At point No.4, you have mentioned…‘Every day sent buyer request and try to convene them’…What is this? Do you mean to say that a seller should be a buyer first and send requests to sellers? Or do you want to say, that some offers to buyers’ requests should be made on daily basis to attract orders? I’ll appreciate, if you clarify…

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Warm welcome to fiverr dear best wishes

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welcome to fivarr family

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Welcome. I’m new as well. All the best

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Gestures are enough for the wise.:grin:

Hi, I am a new member of this big platform .