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Hi im a new saller My gig Never show or receive requests pleas pleas help Me

thank you pleas help me

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hi im a new saller my Gig Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence pleas help me

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Maybe you could put a link to your profile in your post above so that we can help you.


Here it is, for convenience:

Your profile description is unstructured and repeats itself. Instead of coming off as friendly or professional, it just seems desperate. Focus on what you can do for your customers, not what they should be doing for you (aka giving you work.)

Actually having the before/after pics might be more helpful in your gig.

Be more helpful in your gig description. Your customers don’t want motivational quotes, they want to know how you can help them.


thanks you soo much i will Corrected that

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When you publish a gig then it was arrived on the last page of all Gigs, For getting order you have to send Buyers Request and you have to marketing your gig to various social media and blogs. After getting adequate favourites, views and impressions your gigs will be on the first second or upper pages.

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Repeating I have no work and I just want work will not get you any sales. Your heading says 20 images and your package says 30 images. Attention to detail is very important. You mention making mistakes . Nobody wants to buy from anyone who talks about making mistakes. Buyers are looking for a professional service. Suggest you look at other gigs to see how this is all completed. But do not copy them.