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Hi, I'm a new seller here on the fiverr platform

Hello, everyone!

I'm a new seller here on the Fiverr platform.

I create small static websites that include web design, and I'm soon to offer voice acting.
Because I'm new to the platform, I have a few questions to ask those who have been here longer.

Here's a list of the questions I have:
  1. For younger users like myself (being 15 years old), how do you think age affects credibility?
    Do you think someone would go for a more expensive adult seller over a young one?

  2. What's the best way to get me started with some Fiverr buyers?
    (If you're a buyer yourself, what would make you want to purchase with me over another?)

  3. Those that have been here long will usually have some advice for beginners.
    It would be great anyone has this sort of advice for me.

  4. People who have been here long have probably made at least one mistake that could've been avoided.
    Could you give me some tips about things not to do?
Please number your answer to show which question it is an answer to.

Thank you for all your help, everyone!

Unfortunately I think it does affect things but there is no need to go shouting about your age either. You look somewhere between 15-20 so let them assume you are older :slight_smile:
I find a lot of people see me as credible due to my profile picture - so grow a beard as soon as possible. No, you have a nice clear picture of yourself, that helps a lot. For credibility, seeing is believing. I see one of your images is an incomplete website; make a couple of sites which are more or less complete, preferably one for each of your three packages. Lots of work to get started but it will be so much easier to convince people when you have some to show.

Exactly as above really, show me what you can do and I’d be happy to hire you if I needed your service.

Click here for an additional idea - it's long! (from an answer I gave on another forum

If I was your age and had your abilities I would do the following.

Accept that credibility (with business owners) is your biggest weakness. They just won’t trust you to do it for them. With that in mind I would target businesses and simply create a site for them. Use their logos, colors, a picture of their shop etc. Don’t register their domain name, just build a site that you can show them and that looks like it is theirs.

When the site is built, go and tell them that you have built a site for them and they can have it for whatever price. If they negotiate then adjust your price but make sure you sell it even for $20. Then tell them they can choose their domain name etc. and maybe add those costs for them.

Do that 3 times.

Then, the 4th and subsequent times you can dictate your price and show the 3 other businesses you have already created sites for. Small businesses need reassurance and seeing other local businesses will build their trust.

You can also generate recurring income by offering them the site at a monthly fee. Offer extras like updating a blog, taking pictures, adding an online shop etc. If you get recurring business, make it worth their money. Call in to the shop sometimes and take photos and add them to the site/use them in a blog. Create social media accounts for them and keep them updated. Get familiar with basic local SEO concepts and offer those too. (Be careful not to confuse them with too much info. Try explain what you are doing to your parents or grandparents until they understand it, THEN go and tell the business owner).

Getting a site and these extras done is easily worth $50/month to any small business yet it is something you can do in your spare time. I suggest that you have a specific day and time to call to the business and collect your money. Be friendly and tell them what you have done that month. Ask about new products etc.

Businesses to target are things like:
Plumbers, Tile/floor fitters, dentists, doctors, lawyers, real estate. Anyone who is not part of a larger chain. If they already have a site, make a better one.
You can also ask them to pay you through Fiverr - this would be a great way to get started as a couple of positive reviews is great for credibility, regardless of age.

Don’t overstretch yourself. I know that sounds strange it’s all about the hustle, work hard, get money etc but actually, working is tough going. There have been a lot of people who have really had tough times while dealing with clients and it can affect your mental health. Value sleep, food and exercise too!
Here is a great post by a young guy (also 15) about his experience on Fiverr and how things affected him. The whole thread is great with a lot of good reading for you -

I would also suggest you talk about Fiverr, your jobs, clients etc with a parent, older sibling etc. Keep them informed about things and how it’s going; peer support is one of the things people lack when freelancing so lean on those around you and get into the habit of talking about it.

With ALL that said, Fiverr can be a great place to make a few bucks and get a sense of business. I would suggest that you work on getting the V/O gig up and running because of all industries I see, it is one that people seem to get a chance from buyers quite quickly. There’s a number of young V/Os who have come and gone (or outgrown the youth voice category) here and it seems to be something that is in demand.
Ok, I’m done!


Thank you so much for your reply!

I just started that website you mentioned a short while ago so I can have a personal website (I think that should also help), hopefully it’ll be 100% in a week or less. :slight_smile:
On another note, I’ve got some style demos that I’ll be replacing the images with soon.
Thanks for the tips!

I’m actually about to do the demo recording for my V/O gig so I’ll be sure to review this in more detail once I’ve got that done.

Once again, thank you!

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Don’t mention it to anyone. It freaks people out. At 15 you should be doing [insert legally and morally dubious activities of choice here] and having fun. Starting a business or starting freelancing professionally at this age implies that you are some kind of evil genius in the making who will one day burn the world to ashes.

Either that, or you’ll burn out and go the Hollywood child star route.

None of that will probably happen, but it is how people think. In this case, just pretend you are 30 and have an excellent skincare routine.

Other than that, I wouldn’t actually try to lure buyers. Just create some gigs at a non-$5 price point (the higher the better) that you are 100% sure you an deliver. Then wait for interest to pick up slowly. I say this as people on the Internet are NOT nice.

If you try and lure buyers by offering your services cheap while accepting work from just anyone to get sales, you will quickly encounter people who can be very unpleasant to work with. That will cause you a lot of stress.

Basically, don’t focus on creating a successful freelancing business. Focus on creating a successful side hustle that you can use to get a taste of freelancing.

Hello, and welcome to Fiverr.

And oh my, isn’t it GREAT to see a new seller who

  1. Clearly has the right skills ( well, at least it looks like that to me)
  2. Has clearly spent a good amount of time setting up the gig with nice descriptions
  3. Overall very pleasant and polite, none of that “I’m new give me orders” type of stuff.

I believe the two gentlemen has pretty much covered everything that needs to be said,
just be sure to read the TOS carefully. It’s a lot to read, so get your RedBull or any drink
that will help you stay awake.
Also read through the forums, I myself have learned a lot just by hanging out here.
Not just about how to do business and professionalism, but I learned so much about human behavior, both good and bad.
I hope I don’t get flagged for saying this, but sometimes, sadly,
humans are just…bad.
Bad, clueless, manipulative, lazy, and utterly stupid.

I hope you have a great learning/business experience!

BTW I think you look perfectly fine, like Eoin said, you look between 15~20. :slight_smile:


Hello, Cyaxrex!

You’re right-- I can’t control what they assume.
And that can cause problems for me when the information given will usually lead to bad assumptions.
This will probably be the only only post I mention my age in.
(Of course, if someone asks, I won’t be dishonest.)
I just wish people would realize not everyone is like that.

Am I underpricing myself, or are those just some words of advice?

Thank you so much for your help!

(@zeus777 I’ll reply in a moment. :slight_smile: )

Thanks, Zeus777!

I literally spent all of yesterday working on just that, so I’m glad you noticed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to spend some time looking through the forums-- and I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I’ve already read through the TOS.

Thanks for te encouragement and tips!