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Hi, I'm a new seller on Fiverr :)

Hello to everyone. I joined Fiverrthis month, and now, thanks to this quarantine, I’ve got a great opportunity to do something. I hope to work well here! I just posted my two first gigs. I was entirely uncertain about the way it will be, so I came to the forum to see what other peoples’ experiences have been like. Now, anyone one can help me? How do I get my first order and how to improve buyer request? Please, give me some idea, how can I get order my gigs.


your gig title and image used to carefully. and more and more time stay online. i hope you will get order,


Hi there and welcome to the community.

My best advice to get a first order (and many more) is to write a good description, pay attention to the keywords that you choose and use a fancy thumbnail. Provide a great service using your skills and establish your rules for your own business.

Please make sure that you look for useful information here at forum and read TOS. It’s really important to know what you can do and what you cannot do at the platform.

Wish you many many sales.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

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hi I am a new seller too…I think we have to be patient to get order


Well come to fiverr word…

Create gig with low keywords and make an attractive thumbnails promote your gig on other sites…

Can you please teach me how to make a gig

Thank you very much​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

yes patient is good for success.

Welcome to the community.

Hii…Im new seller on fiver, nice to meet you all

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welcome to fiverr family

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Be patiently …please use this time for moulding and developing yourself with new and existing skills

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@kimeragroup Welcome to fiverr!

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Apart from following all the rules and guidelines given by fiverr towards getting your first order, the next thing you need as a new seller is patience and favour from God. Yes you need much of Patience. It took me virtually many months to get my first order. But the waiting wasn’t my concern, I was more interested in the quality of the job I was going to deliver. I couldn’t hold my joy when my first client left me a 5-star positive review for a job well done. Instead of getting bored and depressed as why you are not getting orders, use your waiting time to develop yourself. Get more skills, widen your mental horizon. Improve and sharpen your skills so that when you get your first order, the quality of job you will deliver will beat your buyer’s expectation. Good luck.


Hey there!

Welcome @kimeragroup! I joined a few months ago so I’m not super old but I have some ideas! My number one thing is I really let people know how passionate about my work I am. I love what I do and I love helping people make really cool things. I try and make the entire thing a collaboration rather than people just handing me things and saying “go do whatever”. Really try and nail your clients vision and be there for what they need to the best of your ability. You and your client will have a much more pleasant experience.


Congratulations and best wishes for you.


Yeah, I think you’re right

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thank you very much!

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