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Hi, I'm a new seller!

Hello there, Kaye here! I’m a full time graphic artist and I want to try online freelance platform to practice my skills and to earn extra money (im a traditional artist too!). My full time work is super light (sometimes, I don’t have work for 2 weeks. It’s kinda frustrating) and I feel like my skills is stagnant ( I really want to improve.) I’m a new seller here and I hope that someone will like my artworks and will purchase my service.

Can you also enlighten me about how will I receive the payment if ever I got the first order? It’s kinda confusing.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Have a nice day!


Welcome to Fiverr. First manage an order and deliver it with a 5 :star2: feedback from your client. after that when your dollar will available in your fiverr account you can easily withdrawal via Payoneer to your local Bank account.

For this you will have tocreate a Payoneer account and integrate with fiverr and from Payoneer integrate your Local online banking account.
For more information you can simply search over YouTube it will help you a lot.

Best of luck​:heart::heart:

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Hello! Thank you for your super informative answer @mdemran17! Aside from Payoneer, is Paypal acceptable too?

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Hi, I am also new here…needs sometimes to explore the web. Any Ideas for first comer to do here?

of course you can use paypal too :grinning:


Opps! Yes you are right.

I’m currently living here in the Philippines. Is it possible to convert USD to Pesos (PH currency) in paypal? What’s better, Payoneer or Paypal? Thank you so much!

paypal is better than payoneer. you can convert USD to any currency and withdraw to any localbank faster than payoneer