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Hi, I'm Canadian

I have been deluged with messages lately from people disguising their IPs and being general pains in the A.

This is part of a recent message from a well-to-do Canadian (prospective) buyer:

Naturally, the initial message started with “Hi.”

I so wish these people would just go away.

I’m not going to respond to gibberish, nor accusations for three basic reasons:

  • You are an absolutely horrendous English speaker and I doubt I can meet whatever your grammatically incorrect demands are.
  • You are using a VPN or similar service. This is why you joined Fiverr this month in Canadae but have a time stamp on messages which says you are somewhere on the other side of the world.
  • I’m actually so sick of the same unimaginative tricks people like you attempt to get work for free, that I’m actually considering setting up a GoFundMe page to bring basic scammer literacy to people like you and your offspring.

By all means be a scammer. But at least try to capture my attention with something original…


Lol yes it seems scammers and ignoramuses let us know who they are by not knowing how to use Function words…
Got to give them props for picking Canada :smile:

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