Hi..... im here new and trying to learn and earn money


Hi to all pplz here… im so excited here to c pplz all over the world and want to discuss about all issues about learning and earning so request to all plz guide all including me cuz im new here thanx to all


Welcome to the jungle!
You have no Gigs yet…
One advice though:
You state in your profile "… my speed of typing is amazing"
It should be if you write half words like in your thread.
If you are professional like you say, the first sight someone gets at your writing will jeopardize your whole statement.
Think about it.


hi, thanx to u sort out my mistake and hope for more advise in future
stay blessed


… smh … :expressionless:


Welcome to the crazy world of Fiverr.
Here are some tips in addition to what @wuerz123 has said.

Before You Create Your Gigs

  1. Make sure that your description and future gig descriptions are not just punctuated and using actual wording(just not slang or text talk-- u, thx, np, etc.), but that you use various vocabulary and grammatical terms so you can come off as professional as physically possible.

  2. Optimize your current description and use up the given characters the best you can.

  3. Pick a more clear and easy to depict profile picture to establish a sense of trust between you and buyers, but by all means, do NOT go out and use some fake picture or celebrities face in the hopes you will gain clients from this, all this will do is get you bashed on the forum and less trusting buyers.

  4. Input all of the possible skills that you have in the skills section but don’t include anything you are unsure about or that you can’t prove in a gig that you will be able to provide high-quality services for.

After You Have Created a Few Gigs

  1. Make sure your gig titles are creative and that it is something potential clients will be enthralled by. Don’t copy other’s titles and try to be as unique but easy to understand as possible.

  2. Use Buyer Requests to send out your offerings and to build up some reviews. The more reviews you get, the easier it will be to obtain more orders from others who are not solely from Buyer Requests.

  3. In your Buyer Requests, don’t just send out a basic or spam message saying something along the lines of, “Hi, I will do this for $5”. Be sure to ELABORATE on what you offer and the needs of your possible client’s order to make them feel both unique and taken care of. Include some of the details from the Buyer Request itself and prove that you are the best person for the job without directly stating it.

  4. In your gigs, be sure to take up as much of the 100 character allotment for the smaller description and, if you decide to use packages, pack everything possible to optimize what you can include.

  5. Use differentiating tags that relate to your gigs as this will be vital to your buyers finding you through the search bar.

Good luck out there and if you ever need anything, come to the community for help! Use these tips to the best of your abilities and I’m sure you’ll get an order in no time. I mean, it worked for me!:wink:

First GIG Sold!