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Hi I'm jessy, a new seller in fiverr

I’m a new seller in fiverr.Although I joined this since 2015 I got the time for fiverr works in 2018 after my graduation!!!

I realized that my this gig,


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start selling well.

But unfortunately a rude buyer just took my service and cheated me and threatened me if not agreed to his dispute(which had no basis at all) I will leave 1 star. All my previous buyers were so good to me. but this *********** fellow act so evil and now I cant even send custom offers to buyers :frowning:********** this is the guy. Please pay yor attention to these kind of heartless people.

If someone can please tell me how can I improve my me guys Thanks a lot.

Thanks ,

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Hi there…,
Sorry for hear that…,
Still…, you should remove the person link / name…,
It’s against TOS

and for your matter…, i advice to contact CS first…,
Hope they will able to help you…,

and if not…, remeber that maintain 5 star rating is far more difficult than 90% order
If your suspect that your buyer is a scam…, then maybe it’s better to cancel your order?

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi


Thank you very much for the kind advice.

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welcome to forum check this

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Thank you ridwan ! <3

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Welcome back Fiverr :balloon::balloon::balloon:


WELCOME WELCOME :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:.

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