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Hi, I'm Matteo from ITALY


Yesterday was my last day. I was a contractor for a major computer company in the Italy area. They have a limit on the number of days each year you can work under contract. My time was up, so now I have to sit out for 9 months, until I can return to work there. Hopefully I find something else soon, but in the worst case, they said I can return in 9 months. This is so frustrating! They have so much work coming in, but instead of hiring people full-time, they cycle contractors in/out. They already had someone to take my place.
I will gladly and graciously accept your tip.
Sorry for this message, i don’t want to be SPAM!
I’m just wondering help


He wants you to give him free money because of some weird, possibly illegal work arrangement he has with a “major computer company”. Get another job and stop waiting on the sidelines for a major company to maybe rehire you in 9 months when it seems pretty clear that whoever let you go was being “nice”.