Hi, im new, and i want to learn about this page plz, help me


i create a gig, im doing to make some money for my family, but i dont know how Push it to sell my work, im not an expert, but “sharing” on facebook dont work for me :(… another suggestions???

also, in fiverr exist enterprises? people who give jobs or something to another people (whit a low level profile) to make money faster than usual… i mean… like a Job or something… (sorry about my english, im from Venezuela)


I noticed you only have one gig. You will have more exposure if you can make gigs for other services you can offer. Also, your profile is not in English and that is the language most used on Fiverr.
This post may help you. It usually takes awhile to get work. Good luck.


thank you, im going to rework my profile on English, and create new gigs… thnks for your suggestions n.n… ill appreciate a lot.


Be sure to write your own and do not copy any other seller or you will get your gig taken down.


donor??.. sorry about my english, i dont understant well :frowning:


I think vickiespencer might have meant ‘don’t’? Mobile phones and fingers don’t always work well together as i know from experience! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @offlinehelpers. I was on my phone and it does not work well on the Forum.