Hi I'm new and I would like clarification about the gig



I’m new on fiver and I would like to know where it is specified what to include basic gig.




You can offer anything you want for a base price gig(within the TOS.). The main thing to remember is you have to offer at least something before you go jumping ahead on extras when you reach at least level 1.


Make sure your description is clear and concise and free of grammatical errors. Be very professional in whatever you say. Good luck to you!


There isn’t an actual description for the basic gig, you just have to describe it as best as you can describe it. Keep in mind you have a number of 1200 characters so use them wisely. You also have the possibilty to Bold, Underline, Highlight text, use that too to make your gig stand out. There isn’t an actual rule of how the gig should sound, so be creative and be you :slight_smile:

Hope it helps.

Welcome on Fiverr,

Flavia :slight_smile: