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Hi, I'm new and waiting my 2nd order

Hi, my name is Anton. I’m new here and waiting my 2nd order. My skill is cartooning portrait from photo, a cool cartoon for profile picture or a gift. I did this since 2011 and try to sell service online on fiverr a month ago. For more detail you can visit my profile. I need advise from pro seller here, I hope I can improve my earnings. Thank you.



Feel free to Visit the Fiverr Academy to learn how to improve your services!



Here’s a helpful list of ten things you can do to optimize your gigs and get more sales.


Thank you for the link.

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Thanks for question
question good kindly visit daily fiverr blog post and academy this is best why to improve your service thanks


Thanks for the link you send below

Thanks for sharing valuable post…

Thank you for posting, I’ve come
to know few things about orders on this post.

I was really looking for this type of suggestions.You have made clear each & every part of a gig to be perfect very nicely! I visited your gig also & really it is worth to follow.Thank you so much @paulmaplesden. Hope to see such posts later. :slight_smile:

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This may help you as well:

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Thank you so much for your concern :slight_smile:

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