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Hi I'm new here, any advice?


I just joined Fiverr as a seller, I’m looking forward to getting orders but I’m not sure how to get any (this is a link to my first Fiverr gig)

Does anyone have any advice, not about my gig in particular but about being new on Fiverr?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Work hard. Deliver extraordinary quality every time. Take care of yourself and make sure not to neglect your basic needs such as: rest days, relaxation time, and just choosing to take a big breath and pause it all for a moment, like many independent professionals end up doing.

Best of luck!


Welcome !
About gig section could be more informative to what actually gig is about and what you arer going to offer them as a final delivery !

more like Printable resoltution, size, file formats you offer…

Your gig packages looks bit expensive, Although I cant judge anyone’s skill and pricing but I am telling this after seeing your competitors…!

Try to build up your profile high first and later start charging your original price !


Thank you for the advice! I will add the printable resolution, the size and file formats!

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You mean getting orders right?. I suggest you to search on the things you you need on this forum as i think there are many many posts which may help you get orders.


I was very helped by this topic. Thank you :pray:

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I’m new, too, just joined this week, and for the time-being I’ve noticed that your own network as well as buyer requests work excellent. Get the app, that way you can always appear online, and maybe elongate exactly what every element of your gig means, consider the idea that nobody knows about the service you offer. That’s what I’ve done so far. It’s slow but it’ll be worth it!

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