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Hi I'm new , I work on Illustrations


Hi , nice to meet you , I just started today , I do drawings , sketches , and illustrations.These are just a few samples of how my work looks like. If you’re interested to find out more please visit my deviantart. Deviantart

Hoping I might have a chance to get an offer or two with my art style.


Welcome to fiverr!
You obviously have a lot of talent, and I’m sure you’ll make it here :slight_smile:
I just want to let you know that the forum is not the best place to advertise for your gig, as mostly other sellers are active here.
Getting your first sales is really hard for everyone, but there is one great way to get them. In the buyer requests. I don’t mean that you should advertise in the buyer requests. That will only bug other sellers. I mean that you should respond to them. Many sellers send automatic messages to the requests, and the buyers hate it. You will have an advantage if you write them a personal message, showing that you have read through, understood and are qualified for doing the task they’re requesting. Show an interest in their project and they’ll be interested in you!
Good luck!



Welcome to fiverr :slight_smile:



Thank you.

Oh I see sorry about the post here. Just wish to give a bit intro on what work I can offer. Could you please tell me where I can find or contact the buyer requests? I don’t know where to look for it. :frowning:


Hi ,
Thank you and I hope so. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome, that looks great!

You´ll find the buyer requests for your category like this, hover over your name, go to Selling, then Buyer Requests. Read the requests carefully, lots of sellers use that section to spam with their offers, and if you reply to a seller’s offer instead of that of a real buyer, you´re out of 1 offer, you have 10 per day.

Oh and make sure you read the TOS, policies and such, if you haven´t already, lots of useful information in there, also you have to be aware of a few things, so you won´t accidentally do anything not allowed by the TOS, like linking anywhere that has contact information a buyer could use to contact you outside of fiverr.
And the forum is a real treasury of information and tips, but since you are here I guess you already know that. :slight_smile: Good luck and much fun and success.


Hi ,

Thank you very much for helping me with the picture guidance :slight_smile:

Yes I just spotted one seller request a moment ago. Thanks for giving me the heads up , appreciate your help very much!