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Hi im new kid hehe xd

Well I’m new here so hello to everyone and ok I hope I can be of service to somebody although I’m a jack of all trades, master of none and I think I am gonna have a rough time here but HEY, let see what happens.


Welcome to Fiverr and to the forum!

I would likely title myself a Jack of All Trades, too, and coming in at first, that’s really how I operated. In some ways, it can be a decent start if you’re willing to pick up whatever comes your way. Make a couple gigs spanning different things (not too broad) and you’ll quickly get a feel for what sells, what you can do efficiently, and what you can do well.

Good luck!


well, thank you for your encouragement :^)

Welcome fellow newbie.

You won’t know until you try right? I’m sure you’ll have fun with what you’ll be selling :slight_smile:

Hello @the_castaway,
Welcome to Fiverr!
A quick tip from me: You can add your Fiverr URL through profile settings, so that forum members would be able to find you on by clicking on your profile icon!