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Hi! I'm new on Fiveer and I think I need some help promoting my gig

I just created my first gig and I heard that you need to make you first sale fast. How can I do it? Where should I promote my gig? I’ve heard that buyers requests are a really good way of getting started but I have none. Would you take a look and maybe review it and give me some tips?

Thank you so much

I hope you have an amazing day! :blush:


Hi. I think your gig is really good. You have all the important information in there. Although I think you shouldn’t ask people to send you a message first. You can ask for everything you need in the order requirements and some buyers just don’t really wanna talk. Maybe you can use other way to telling them that instead of being so straight forward and asking please.
Also, the thing about the negative feedback I think may scare your buyers.
Consider including one revision in your packages even if you need to increase the price. That way the client will place the order quicker because they know they may ask for the revision if the work is not as they expected. Also, you can avoid negative feedback doing this since you have the opportunity to redo the work.
Check out this course as well, it helps a lot