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Hi, I'm new on Fiverr. I'm a translator waiting for my first order :)

Hey, there.

I registered years ago but never did anything on the page, but now I want to build my translation portfolio, and my freelance career.

You are welcome to see my profile and gig so you can now what I’m offering, and also help on what can I improve.
My profile

Thanks in advance!


Hello and welcome on the selling side of fiverr, i’m a new seller too - having only launched this June - and I am fascinated by the potential this Marketplace offers. I took a look on your profile and here is my two cents.

  1. You might want to alter your tagline (the one which is below your username) to something that would highlight the quality of work you offer or something that is remarkable about your services. For example, my tagline includes two of my biggest accomplishments on Fiverr so far: The first being the accumulation of positive reviews that highlight my psychic reading accuracy and the second being a glowing review from a fellow psychic reader so I’ve combined them to something I believe would draw the attention of my Prospects.

  2. The description on your profile is dry, short and does not include a call to action. How many years have you been working as a translator? What pieces are you more comfortable translating (ie medical content, legal, literature)? Which are your three work qualities? Can you deliver in a tight turn around? You know, you should consider this part as your sales pitch. And about the part where you clarify it is a human translation and not an automatic one - I understand your intention was to provide your prospects with confidence but when I read it it creates a negative connection to my mind - it could be just me but I feel you should reconsider this part.

  3. You offer two options as far as language goes (english to Spanish and Portuguese to Spanish). I would break them down into 2 separate gigs

  4. Your gig description is too short and seems a bit sloppy which in turn, creates a negative connection as far as professionalism goes. For example, i’m thinking " if he doesn’t devote enough time to create something remarkable about his own project, how on Earth should I be expecting him to create something good for me?" Please don’t take this personally - I understand it can be a bit harsh with all I’m trying is to make a point

  5. Where’s your video? Believe it or not, I have been having at least one order everyday, ever since I uploaded videos on my gigs. I feel you should create one where you introduce yourself and services and why should people choose you instead of another translator etc

  6. You should take a look on the inconsistencies of your offers, in your gig you state you offer 2 revisions, and then you state you offer one. In one place you mention you’re a professional translator, then you state your level of English is conversational…

  7. You’re charging too much for just one word. Or you just got confused and thought this has to do with Ms word? I don’t know, $5 a one word translation is a bit too much.

  8. You will also want your gig to be flawless, especially when it comes to grammar and punctuation, since you offer proofreading Services as well. There are some mistakes and if you offer services like that you need to persuade your prospect that you have an eye for detail. I feel currently you’re not giving that impression.

All the best
Psychic Anne

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Please analyze mine as well. Thanks

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Hello Maryam, nice connecting with you!

I’m not an expert in analyzing profiles and I guess my comments above offer a general framework. Regardless, I took a look on your profile, there are some typos that you might want to check, and possibly extend your videos because I found them to be too small and not informative. In your flyer and brochure gig there is an inconsistency… While the video promises a brochure mock up, description of your gig doesn’t. If I was interested in buying that service I would be a bit confused as to what I would be receiving. Other than that, I like your profile description and the main point I have to make is that you should avoid using so tech slang, try making your descriptions more for the average prospect

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You will do great don’t worry the orders will soon come pilling in.

Yes, of course. Orders appear magically, you just have to wait for them to appear out of nowhere. Sitting and waiting is the perfect way to become hugely successful on Fiverr. I mean, why would anyone market and promote their gigs to the people who need those services, when doing nothing and magic makes everything happen? :roll_eyes:

It worked exactly like this for me. I didn’t promote myself and I have more than 7800 complete orders.

If you are good, orders will come, but of course I do not suggest this.

The best way is to promote yourself. It’s infinitely better than sitting and waiting.

BUT sitting and waiting isn’t impossible to have some good orders.

Today, my best promotion is the quality of my service (shown here at fiverr), which are the mani reason people come to work with me.

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Thank you. Would look into all areas

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So, no one said that the seller should wait I am just offering some encouragement but anyway thanks for your input though it was "REALLY NEEDED. "

You were telling a new user (a returning seller) that he “doesn’t need to worry”, because “orders will soon come pilling in”. That is terrible advice, because that’s not how it works – and certainly not for new sellers. If you are going to offer encouragement, please encourage them to do the hard work necessary to earn their orders.