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Hi, I'm new on fiverr


hello ha there!! I’m here and alive :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


thanks dear :heart::heart:
there’s all the whats app emojis here


Hello, How are you, I am new here too.


Welcome to here…:slightly_smiling_face:
best of luck!


thanks a lot dear :heart: same for you :heart::heart:


best of luck dear :heart::heart: for both of us i hope


wish you luck i am new too, i just got one order from buyer request.
You should try that too, it frustating but at the start there are no options


wow :heart: God bless you dear :heart: I’m gonna try my best


Welcome and best of luck:)


thanks a lot dear :heart::heart::heart: same for you sweetheart :heart_eyes:


This is not right category for your thread .


@djwaruna is correct. Your post belongs under ”New User Introductions.”

Welcome to The Fiverr Forum! :tada::confetti_ball:

After you have been here a year, You will get a :cake: like I have today as a anniversary treat! :slightly_smiling_face:


actually i didn’t know that, I was surprised cause I’ve received a notification that the post will be hidden.
thanks guys :heart::heart: i hope i made it right this time


It is good to read the rules and then you stay out of trouble. :wink:


Welcome to fiverr @dohawaheed


i read it but i thunk i misunderstood the category so thanks darling :heart:


you’re welcome darling :heart::heart: thanks


Salam…welcome dear


Congratulations! A new member who is part of the great Fiverr family! I hope you can succeed and have your first order soon!


hello dohaweed. I am new here too. I actually created my fivver, a couple of days now but not that active. I don’t how to get clients here. It seems my gig isn’t getting any clients at all. How about you?