Hi! Im new on fiverr!


Hi everyone! I’m new on fiverr and I just created my whole profile and gig! It would be very nice to get some feedback from the community and learn how I can succeed in here. I’m a English to Portuguese translator and I look forward to learn more about you guys! Thanks!


Great you are here,
remain in touch with community,
Keep improving and publishing your gigs,
watch youtube videos on fiverr as well


Good luck with your sales Leticia!


Hi! Thanks for the input!




welcome to fiverr.
good luck :grinning:


Best wishes for your gig sales :slight_smile:


Bem vinda ! haha / Welcome to Fiverr
I’m also New here
Good Luck! :wink:


Welcome to this beautiful land




same i am also new seller on fiverr let get started :grinning:


Hi welcome on the best platform on FIVERR i am also new


Best Wishes for You :smiley: :smiley:


Hi welcome here and best of luck


Opa! Obrigada! Boa sorte pra nós dois! :smile:


Thank you very much!


Hello @leticiasilva765 :smiley:
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for showing your skills. I hope that, you will get your appropriate job. Good Luck and have a nice day! - MAMUNUR RASHID From: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Obrigado! :slight_smile: