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Hi Im New Seller in here for VideoEditing

Hi there, whatโ€™s up ? :smiley:

Let me Introduce myself, my name is Ilham Ronaldo Fadilla Prieatna and you can call me Aldo, before i opened gigs in fiverr, i was tennis player from indonesia and i have ranking 30. So i have a new hobby that is videography, and i want to improve myself to be seller in there :smiley: . So i want to ask, i was a new gigs about โ€˜โ€™ i will be professional video editor for youtube channel.โ€™โ€™ and i got some impression, clicks , and view in 1 day after i opened gigs, but theres nobody want to order to me ? and i did to share my gigs in my social media. So now my questions is, how to get some interactions or order from client ?
So maybe that is it from me, i hope i can know you guys so well in there.

thank you

Best Regards

Ilham Ronaldo a.k.a Zeinsten

Hi, @zeinsten The first thing you need to take a deep look is marketing. If you did share your gig on your social media thatโ€™s fine. but you have to be patient. and go to LinkedIn, Twitter and some professional social media and try to share your gigs and find potential customers.