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Hi!. I'm new Seller on Fiverr

Greetings from Indonesia, my name is Aldi Aulia and I’m new seller on this community. I’m specialized with graphic design job like logo maker, illustration, 2D character, editorial design, infographic, and also Motion graphic design (animation, VFX, explainer video, etc.) Here’s my first gigs on Fiverr, sooner I will add some :slight_smile: , please kindly check

looking forward to feedback from you :smiley:

Warm Regards


Welcome to fiverr @aldyaulia

Thank you mate :grinning: @triadharmoics

@aldyaulia Welcome to Fiverr community dude!

Welcome to the Fiverr forum. :bouquet: :bouquet:

I hope this topic help for you. :wink:

Maybe change your title. “I will take a job” doesn’t sound right so you should probably take that out. Try “I will do…”

Welcome to fiverr family. Wish you a bright future in Fiverr.

Thank you, GBU :grinning: @madhu2

Thank you, my pleasure to join Fiverr forum :grinning: @designer_rahmat
it looks like the page doesn’t exist or private, but I will search the topic that help me alot on Fiverr :grin:


Thank you for the advise, I Will change my gig title. thank you once again @guymastrion :grinning:

Thank you @designhunting, good luck to all of us, GBU :wink:

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